Health, Illness & Health Care

SOC 3777 • 4 cr • M W 3:30 - 5:00 PM • Fall 2015
Fulfills the General Education Writing Intensive requirement

Course Description

The study of health and illness touches on subjects of public and private importance. This course deals with both aspects. Students will:

Explore the meaning of health and illness by studying how people in different places and at different times have understood the body, health, sickness, aging, birth, death, and medical intervention.

Study the social context of health and illness, asking how factors such as gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, social class, and geographic location affect health, access to health care, and the quality of health care received, drawing on the most recent data available.

Learn about the costs of medical care, asking how economic systems, ideology, and institutional pressures affect the level and management of healthcare costs.

Learn to gather and synthesize information and data to derive and support policy perspectives.

Readings are chosen from research, reference, and serious non-fiction sources.

Writing includes personal reflection, synthesis and evaluation of information, and exploration on topics chosen by students collectively and individually.

  • This course received  approval for the  GenEd - Writing Intensive requirement on 11/3/2013.
  • SOC 3777 includes social science content geared to the MCAT2015 exam.
  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of English Composition.

Want more information?

Health, Illness and Health Care is a new course specifically designed for Pre-Med students preparing for the new MCAT2015. It is a valuable course for any other student in the health professions.

This course will be offered in a seminar-and-lecture format during Fall Semester 2015 at
The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota.

Students at CSS who want more information should contact Sister Edith Bogue by email.

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