#SXSWedu 2014

EdTech is now just...education

This was my first year at SXSWedu and I'm blown away by the innovation, people and ideas in the education space. It almost makes me want to be back in school...errr scratch that. But learning in today's world is much different than when I was in school, and likely when you were in school. Technology is making it easier and much more efficient to learn, collaborate and do. And Tackk couldn't be happier to be a considered as a tool in the blended learning mix for the classroom.

I couldn't possibly recap all of the amazing conversations I had over the course of the conference, but I'm glad I could connect with so many brilliant minds all in one place. The conversations will continue well after Austin.

We'll see you at SXSWedu 2015!

A trip to remember

How can you go wrong with a closing keynote from funny man Jeffrey Tambor?

Trying to top Ellen's epic selfie.
Had to capture a #selfie, of course.

Favorite quotes

  • If there's no discussion there's no knowledge. Authoritative teaching is not socially constructed.
  • Transparency is the new black (even in education).
  • There is no win. There is no fail. There is only make.
  • Learning = collaborative project.
  • If you know in your gut that something is worth doing, do it.
  • To reinvent the wheel, you have to be in a good mood.
  • Relish in I don't know.
  • Attaboy!