San Fran 2013!


I think I just found my future career...

Hello ladies! What happens when you work in a town with nothing to do? You read an in-flight magazine and find sites where you can build a website in like 5 here you are reaping the benefits of my nerdiness and boredom.


  • Ladies unite downtown Chicago to take L to drink at Midway around 5-ish
  • Arrive in SanFran 9:55 and cab the 25 mins to the W on 181 3rd Street where we have an epic view!


  • Explore Fisherman's Wharf, Ghiradeli Square, Ferry building, Coit tower (while avoiding smelling like the seals...)
  • Meet Jenna around 3 and then Lisa/etc. will find us later in the evening
  • Progressive dinner of oysters, other seafood, mainly booze


  • Bike the coastal trails from this company on own bikes or tandems!!

       Or, as Cole suggested, these...

  • If the weather is bad maybe Alcatraz or indoor shopping somewhere?


  • Chinatown exploration - Like Pho for lunch at Goldenstar
  • Head to airport by 1:15 for flights home after heartfelt good-byes

Boozin & Nommin'

Where is all this great stuff?

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