Sarah Hikel

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About Sarah Hikel

Sarah Hikel is a perfect match for her career in financial services. She's also a good match for her 2nd career as a caring individual for both people and animals.
Sarah Hikel has spent a lifetime steeped in the world of financial services. She began in 1987 in Ontario, California, with the Commercial Credit Corporation. By the middle of 1992, she was taking courses at National University and working at the Riverside County Credit Union as the Vice President of Lending and Collections. 1996 -- a peak year for Hikel -- found her as the Vice President of Business Control at Bank One Financial Services, and at the same time graduating summa cum laude from National with her Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She spent the next two years as the Senior Vice President of Operations with DMR Financial Services, Inc., in Indianapolis, doing a wide variety of tasks, hiring and training staff in DMR's offices in Indiana, Florida and California, to specifying software and hardware, to designing flow and processing systems.
In 2000 Sarah reached an apex in her career in financial services by accepting a position at Mortgage Investment Lending Associates, Inc. as the Chief Operations Officer. From 2000 to 2007 she was responsible for a broad range of operations in their national 29-state e-commerce wholesale lending institution.
Sarah managed, in these six years, to increase the operating budget of MILA from $10 million in 2001 to $100 million, mostly by doing what she does best -- designing, coordinating, and streamlining MILA's business control process, by blending two existing systems into a single web-enabled loan organization.
By establishing prioritization policies for business initiatives, and by designing an automated monitoring and management suite for Just In Time loan production and workflow measurement. She reduced costs by $2.3 million per year.
MILA, with her help, reduced operating costs by over 40%, maintaining their high standard of quality and regulatory compliance. Ms. Hikel gained recognition by Deloitte & Touche, Washington CEO Magazine, and Inc. Magazine, as one of the fastest growing technology and private mortgage companies in North America. Sarah is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.
But Sarah Hikel is as hard working in her personal life as she is in her corporate life. Sarah is on the board of the Mid-City Concerns Meals on Wheels. MCMOW is a non-profit organization that helps elderly and disabled people move toward independent lives. She also works with Goodwill Industries.
She also works for other mammals. Not only is Sarah a supporter of the ASPCA, but she works with the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project. Begun in 1997, FCSNP crew of Veterinarians has trapped, spayed and neutered over 27,000 cats and helping them find homes, preventing feline overpopulation and starvation. She is also involved with Therapy Dog Training.
After that, she likes to travel and bicycle. What a life.

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