Saudi Arabia

The Birthplace of Islam

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an amazing place. There is always something new. It has a very rich history. Today we will discuss life, religion, and government in Saudi Arabia. Be ready to learn!

Like every country, Saudi Arabia does have its faults. In Saudi Arabia, women do not have the same rights as men. The women in Saudi Arabia are required to wear the abaya, and the niqab. These are parts of clothing meant to cover parts of the body that are awrah, or not meant to be exposed. Men do not have a dress code, they can dress however they please.

Saudi Arabia's dominant religion is Islam. Nearly 85-90% of Saudi Arabians are Sunni Muslims. The two holiest cities of Islam are Makkah and Medina. Both of these cities are located in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is actually the birthplace of Islam.

Saudi Arabia is a monarchy. It is run by Abdullah. Abdullah had become a king on August 1st 2005. King Abdullah once visited Pope Benedict XVI. He is the first Saudi monarch to visit the Pope.

Saudi Arabia is not very modern. Their ideas of rights are very old fashioned. The reason why women do not have the same rights as men in Saudi Arabia is because the Qu'ran says they should dress modestly. Well, the country's idea of modesty is to cover all but the eyes. Those are the rights of Saudi Arabia.

Since Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam, of course Islam is the main religion. 85-90% of the country is Islam. That means only 10% is another religion. Most people are strictly Islamic as well. They follow the Qu'ran well.

Saudi Arabia is ruled by a king. This is another way it's not so modern. The king's name is Abdullah. All the kings are from the same family. It's a dynasty.

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia is a great place. The rights aren't the same. The jobs are the same. The religion is Islam. That concludes my essay.

King Abdullah with President Obama

This is a partial family tree of the dynasty of kings and princes in Saudi Arabia

This is a map of where Saudi Arabia is

This is the Saudi Arabian flag

The oldest man on earth lived in Saudi Arabia

This man died when he was 154 years old. His name was Mohammed bin Zarei.

This is how women are supposed to dress in Saudi Arabia

As I stated in the essay, women are required to cover all parts of the body that are awrah, not meant to be exposed.

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