What are the Students Doing Here?

I Thought This Was an In-service Day!!!

Mark Montgomery
Carole Dickerson
Harts Bluff Independent School District
Mt. Pleasant, TX



  • Audience Survey
  • Purpose of presentation
  • Harts Bluff ISD
  • District focus
  • Tech Problem


Secret Agent Training

  • To conduct technology training outside of the school year so that the bulk of technology-related items that needed to be taken care of could be done prior to the first day of school.
  • To build a community of learners so teachers and students felt comfortable learning unfamiliar content together as co-learners.
  • To model various teaching and learning strategies that teachers could utilize in their classrooms (jigsaw method, multiple groupings, engaging activities, using technology as a tool, using creativity as a tool, teacher as a co-learner with students).
  • Talk about change as a district-wide initiative.


Outline of Secret Agent Training

  • Registration
  • Breakfast
  • Agent Verification
  • Morning Briefing
  • Tactical Training (Today's Meet, Tackk, Deck, Tellagami, ShowMe)
  • Lunch
  • Final Mission (iMovie)
  • Graduation


2013/2014 PD Plan

  • Encourage Professional Reading
  • Build Professional Learning Networks
  • Flipped Faculty Meetings
  • Book Study (Edmodo)
  • PBL Training for staff
  • Whole School PBL Unit


Observations & Teacher Feedback

  • "Teachers and students both served as learners. We collaborated on ideas, researched information, and trouble shot programs."
  • "I know as a teacher I had to step outside of my own comfort zone some just as the students did. I was a learner just as they were and we learned together."
  • "The students definitely taught me as much as I taught them."
  • "I think the students needed to have the iPads earlier than the day we trained on them because it was too new for some of them and they really didn't get the hang of it."


What We Would Do Differently

  • Incorporate email set-up in summer training.
  • Explicitly state expectations to staff members to avoid confusion.
  • More community involvement (including more subs).
  • Teachers and staff need technology to use during training.
  • Incorporate literature


Questions/Comments/Ideas/ Suggestions

  • Clue
  • Mystery
  • Choose Your Own Adventure
  • CSI: Who changed the School Sign?


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