Selena's Survivor Story

Devoted mom, wife, fundraiser and Browns fan!

Only the best love stories start at Panini's.

Almost ten years ago - and a few blocks from Browns stadium - Selena and Shawn met at a reasonable hour while drinking strictly non-alcholoic drinks.*  Love and marriage ensued.  At that time, they didn't realize that "in sickness and health" would come sooner than later.

Selena is a Browns Fan to the Core: Fighter and Unconditional Supporter

  • She's a fighter: After Allie was born with Down's Syndrome, both Allie and Selena proved that they were fighters.  Through Allie's surgeries, countless nights in Ronald McDonald houses and regiments to learn, Selena stayed positive and did everything to ensure her daughter had the best care. She later had Gavin and the family of four kept rockin' and rollin' - and they've never stopped. Being diagnosed with breast cancer on top of the existing pressures would seemingly hurt her positive attitude, but her fighting spirit only shined brighter. Through chemo, surgeries and remission - she put her energy into helping others.
  • And an unconditional supporter of what she believes in: You would think that Selena would want to focus on herself and her own family as she recovered, but she's selfless.  She is committed to family and community, never giving up on the things and activities that bring joy.  Not only did Selena serve as the President of the PTA, she and Shawn founded Hope for Hooters to raise money for breast cancer research, volunteer for and walk in Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure (for multiple years and cities) and commit time to raise funds for Down's Syndrome.

Throughout Selena and Shawn's journey, they have always dedicated time to enjoying the big and small moments in life - which includes spending time with family and friends to watch the Browns dominate. The only difference is that their tailgating and game watch wardrobe now includes bright pink Browns gear!

*Some elements of this are not factual in a weak attempt at humor.

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