Make time for mid-week exercise with

MOVABLE's September MOVchallenge!

With school starting, calendars quickly fill up and it can be challenging to prioritize exercise during the work week. This month, we're challenging you to stay active Monday through Friday. In between your 9-to-5, Back to School Nights, and kids' piano lessons and soccer practices, make some time for YOU and log those mid-week moves! Your goal is to average 50,000 moves (or 10,000 moves a day) between Monday and Friday during each week of September.

Make time for those
Monday-to-Friday moves!

  • Timeframe: Sunday, September 1 to Monday, September 30
    Week 1: Monday, 9/2 - Friday, 9/6 (winners announced on 9/9)
    Week 2: Monday, 9/9 - Friday, 9/13 (winners announced on 9/16)
    Week 3: Monday, 9/16 - Friday, 9/20 (winners announced on 9/23)
    Week 4: Monday, 9/23 - Friday, 9/27 (winners announced on 9/30)
  • Goal:  Average 10,000 moves/day Monday through Friday (50,000 moves total)
  • Reward: Each Monday in September, we'll draw 3 winners from amongst all who hit the Monday-Friday 50,000 move goal in the previous week. Each of the 3 winners will receive a $15 Amazon gift card!

There are lots of chances to win this month - we're giving out rewards all throughout September! Every Monday, we'll select and announce 3 winners from amongst those who hit the previous Monday-Friday 50,000 move goal. Winners will receive a $15 Amazon gift card (for those back-to-school supplies). Make sure to sync by 12 pm EST each Monday to ensure your moves are counted!

Join the movement!

Signing up for the September MOVchallenge is easy, and anyone with a MOVband that connects online can participate. All you need to do is join MOVABLE's National MOVchallenge group from your online account by using the invite code NEWYOU. Don't worry, you can join anytime until the end of the MOVchallenge. If you're already in the group, you don't need to do anything...just get moving with us starting September 1!

Make sure to sync by 12 pm EST each Monday to ensure your moves are counted! We'll be selecting and announcing our weekly winners every Monday afternoon!

Stay tuned for more information on our next National MOVchallenge... it's guaranteed to keep you moving!

Thanks for MOVing with us, this month and every month!

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