Set Designer
By Mia Theo.

Eugene Lee

Eugene Lee is a world renowned Set Designer that has won a great amount of Tony Awards that celebrate his outstanding designs for famous musicals such as Wicked.

Early Life and Education

Euguene Lee was born in 1939 in Beloit, Wisconsin. He was brought up in a very theatrical household which started his love for all this theatre. His mother was involved in many backstage jobs while his father was an actor. Eugene Lee, also as a young boy, loved to make things out of the other things by teaching himself or by a book. He once said, 'Nothing makes me happier than an impossible space and an impossible task.'

Eduaction for Eugene Lee started at Berloit Memorial High School before attending The Art Institute of Chiago, Carnegie Mellon University and Yale Drama School. He holds Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from The Art Institute of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon University while also holding a Master of Fine Arts and three honorary PHD's from Yale Drama School. Now, Lee in on the staff of schools such as Brown, Rhode Island School of Design and Carnegie Mellon University.

Theatre and Awards

Eugene Lee is a unique and marvelous set designer even enough so to be called genius by many of his colleagues. When he designing shows he is no where near traditional which makes him so amazing at what he does. He repositions exits, door and walls. One show Lee created was shot at a real train staton with audiences sitting on benches and passengers on the train moving around freely. Eugene Lee is also very old fashioned with his designs by using a sketch pad and a pencil, using real materials and doors that actually open and close. While if something needs to be rusty, he will use real rust not paint.

Lee is the production designer for NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' and many New York Broadway Musicals and Plays such as Alice in Wonderland, The Homecoming, Wicked and Sweeney Todd the Musical.

Wicked , 2004, is one of his most successful projects that incorporated some of his best work. This included moving gears, many special effects and many hidden features that are hidden by smoke that help the musical run smoothly.

The above Video and Photo show just how much work and effort is out in bye Eugene Lee the designer but also the crew that puts everything together when moving around different venues.

Eugene Lee has also been awarded many awards for his wonderful designs. This includes three Tony awards for Bernestein's Candide in 1974, Sweeney Todd in 1979 and Wicked in 2004. He has also won Drama Desk Award for the same three shows while also being nominated for other great awards.


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