Secrets In The Fire                       

Key Events:

Bandits: The bandits burning down her village forcing her to leave with Lydia, Maria and Alfredo to find a new village where they would be safe. Sofia had to deal with losing her family, her friends and her home.  

The Bomb: The landmine caused Maria's death and Sofia to lose both her legs, she had to be taken to a hospital in Matola, the capital of Mozambique.



Maria:Maria was Sofias older sister, Maria asked Sofia alot of things, some Sofia did not have answers for.  Maria and Sofia shared everything with eachother, they told eachother things that they couldn't tell anyone else.

Lydia: Sofia looked up to her mother, as she believed that Lydia was strong and could get through anything that life gave her no matter how bad. When Isias came and saw Lydia week and afraid Sofia was disappointed that al the things she admired about Lydia had disappeared.

Muazena: Muazena was an old woman who lived in Sofias village before the bandits came. Muazena taught Sofia about the secrets in the fire. She told them that if you sit at a certain distance from the fire you will be able to see what is going to happen in the future and see memories you may have forgotten.

Isaias: Isaias was Lydias new husband she had met while sofia was in hospital. He treated Alfredo and Sofia horribley, so Sofia decided to move back to the city with Dr Raul

Hermengarda: Sofia stayed at hermengarda house while she was in the city. Hermengarda was always busy talking to buyers who were going to buy hens off her. She bought Sofia to Fatimas who taught her how to sew.

Fatima: Fatima taught Sofia how to sew. Fatima reminded Sofia alot of Muazena, the way she spoke while she sewed just like Muazena would work in the feilds and tell Sofia stories.


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