Sofias Journey

By Kiara Koschitzki

Summarising the book:

Secrets in the fire is a book about a young girl named Sophia who had to escape from the small village because the bandits came and killed most people there. She, her mother and her sister set off not knowing where they were going but had to get away from the bandits. Until they had to stop walking and finally settled down in a small town where Lydia could work and the girls could go to school. Sophia made a promise to Maria that she would get her a white dress just like the one they left behind. Maria never took the dress off and the family were as happy they had been in a long time, everything was starting to get back to normal. Until one day when Sophia and Maria were walking to the fields to help Lydia and Sophia took a step not even a meter off the path and stood on a landmine. After this Sophia and Maria ended up in hospital in the big city. Maria had extreme internal injuries and ended up dying. Sophia had not so bad injuries but she had to get both of her legs cut off which resulted in two artificial legs. Sophia had to stay in the city away from her family for a long time because she needed to learn to walk again. When she finally got to go home she had a new little brother. And a new step dad. Her step dad was abusive and Lydia, Alfredo and Sophia were all scared of him. Sophia was sick of it so she walked to the city so she could be happier. She didnt know where to go so she went with the doctor the operated on her. Dr Raul. Dr Raul wasnt sure what to do so he had to ask his night guard Sulemane who gave really good advice. Sophia lived with Dr Raul for a few days and then moved in with Sulmane's sister Hermengarda who gave her a job with the women up the road her sewed, Sophia loved to sew so she loved it there.

Character Profiles

Lydia Alface

Lydia is Sophia's mother. She went through alot she is a widow and she had to flee a village so she didnt die. She works in the fields hoeing and weeding and she loves it because she can bring her children to do it with her. She loves her Children with everything she has and would do anything for then. She is a flu-filled, cheery, outgoing strong person. Everything changed when she had to flee and when Maria died but she still held it together and looked on the brighter side and had to stay positive and strong in case something else happened.

Dr Raul.

Dr Raul was Sophia and Maria's doctor after the explosion. He hadn't met anyone quiet like Sophia. She was fun and full of love. Dr Raul only wanted the best for her like he did everyone else. He sounds like he is a tall man. He is wise and is always there if you need a helping hand. He always wants to do the right thing for people and will put others before himself.


Josè-Maria is the priest of the new town the live in. He is also the school teacher and head person there. He looks after everyone in the village like they are his own children.  He puts everyone else before himself just like most people in the book. He is always telling people what to do but he only does it to keep them safe. When he heard the explosion go off he through his cup of coffee just to get there as quick as he can. He was devastated to see Sofia and Maria laying face down in the bush unconscious and getting carried to the van to go to hospital. He went with Lydia every tie to the hospital to be there for the whole family. He is cheerful and always there if you needed a helping hand. It was hard to get rides to and from places so every time lydia needed something they always knew he would be there to help them.


  • I think Sofia and her family now live in a national park because they said they were protected from the bandits and they wouldn't get them. It says The closest actual town near her is Boane and that she is in the country Mozambique. So i think she lives in Limpopo National Park which is protected land.
  • I think the hospital was in Maputo. because there is a hospital there and it is the closest city to Boane and they would of put them to the closest hospital or they could have died. It is a big town and lots of houses so DR Raul and Fatima could live there.
  • I think her old village that she fled from is in Balama somewhere around there. Balama is a small town that is near the top of Mozambique so they had to walk a long long way. it isnt close to the beach but if they were walking for long enough they would have made it there. They stopped in a small town along the way so that would have gotten them some energy and rest before they had to flee from that town aswell and go to their new town.

Emotional Journey

Sophia would have had a big emotional journey her emotions would have had her up and her downs. Like everyone. She would of had a good life back in her old village where she knew everyone and before it was safe. She had her whole family there and all her friends. But then the bandits came and ruined everything. I think the most gruesome part of it would have been where she had to hide under her fathers dead body so the bandits didnt find her. Or having to flee from the village leaving everything they ever owned behind.

It would have been hard to finally settle down in a new village and have to flee from there aswell. She had to do things that normal people her age wouldn't have even thought about or probably even knew about.

She got to see the ocean which had always been a dream of hers so they would have been amazing for her. When she finally settled down again and knew she wouldn't have to leave again would have felt good aswell. But then she treaded on the land-mine and everything changed...... She had her legs blown off and her sister had died. Ever since then it all changed. She felt sad, lonely, worthless. She wouldnt have had anyone to go to because her bestfriend had just died although she could go to her mother she probably didnt want to worry her.

When she got to the new house where she got helped to recover she made a friend who had only one of her legs blown off. She felt happy that she had a friend that was going through the same thing as her but half cause she had one of her real legs. But then she had to go and she felt sad and lonely again. When she went homr she was glad and so excited to see everyone again. Everyone was excited to see her.. except Isias. She was happy again but Isias ruined it by abusing her and her family. so she had to leave again and be with people she felt safe with so she went back to the city. Although she missed her family the whole time she was there she had to do it because she would be safer so she went to live with Fastima who had a sewing machine so she kept busy and happy.

Totio had come in the end to tell her she could come back to a new home and her own business and own sewing machine and hut so she felt sophisticated. She came home and Isias was gone. She was finally happy again but sad that Maria was never going to be there again.

She sat by the flames and finally felt like she was home again.

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