Power of the Pyramids

Where is Somalia?

What biome is Somalia in?

Endemic Species of Somalia

Endangered Species of Somalia

Major Issues

Civil War


During the Civil War the government was not able to prepare for droughts

Famine (1992 and 2010-2012)


The Numbers

Birth Rate: 41 per 1000 population
Death Rate: 14 per 1000 population
Fertility Rate: 6.2 births per woman
Infant Mortality Rat: 102 per 1000 births
Life Expectancy: 51 years old

Growth Rate: 1.7%

Stage 1: Expanding - High birth rates; rapid fall in each upward age group due to high death rates; show life expectancy

Religious & Cultural Beliefs, Important SOcial Norms, Language Spoken, Race & Ethnicity

Gross Domestic Product of Somalia

Ecological Footprint

Less than 1 hectare per capita

Somalia is considered a Third World Country. Families in Somalia live on less than $1000 a year.

Average Standard of Living Statistics

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