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About SpeedMaxPC

In 2010, SpeedMaxPC was founded to help make it easier for users to maintain the health of their personal computers. A security and utility software company, SpeedMaxPC offers a downloadable product that helps people fix or prevent problems and annoyances, such as system malfunctions, error messages, and compromised security. Since 2010, SpeedMaxPC has expanded from one individual with an idea for a much-needed service to a staff of twelve like-minded individuals who continue to research and develop new products. Although the company remains relatively small, it has experienced exponential growth – more than 3.5 million people had downloaded the SpeedMaxPC product package by April, 2012.

SpeedMaxPC’s relatively small size and exponential earnings have allowed the company to support a variety of charitable causes. Some of these include the American Cancer Society, the Arizona Humane Society, and the Hope for Haiti organization. SpeedMaxPC also takes an interest in improving the area around its Hampden, Maine, headquarters, and has worked with numerous local organizations to help strengthen the community, as well as make it a safer place to live.

What is Adware?

A software that provides high tech PC optimization, SpeedMaxPC is easy to use and quickly downloaded. SpeedMaxPC cleans up junk files; optimizes performance and speed; and detects malware, spyware, and adware.

All Internet users have been affected by adware at some point, usually in the form of a pop-up or a website redirection. Adware is an advertising-supported program that infects your computer to display advertisements. It can become ingrained in your computer simply by a visit to a website or by the downloading of a file. While adware is not necessarily dangerous, it is definitely annoying.

Luckily, there are options for getting rid of it. The first thing you should do is download a program, such as SpeedMaxPC, that will run a full system scan and expunge your computer of infections while blocking the installation of any additional adware programs. This program should be able to run a full-system scan to remove existing adware.

Routine Computer Maintenance Tasks

SpeedMaxPC helps computer users in a variety of ways. In addition to preventing malware infestations, SpeedMaxPC helps users perform the routine maintenance that keeps a computer running smoothly.

In order to prevent computer performance problems, a computer owner should perform various maintenance tasks. When carried out regularly, they can help prevent the computer’s system from running too slowly.

One such task is to remove the temporary Internet files that have been saved to the computer. Over time, these files accumulate and can cause a decrease in the computer’s speed. Failing to clear the Internet browser caches can have a similar effect.

Many people find it difficult to remember to perform these routine maintenance actions. Fortunately, users can modify their computer’s settings so that these actions are done automatically at periodic intervals.

Having too many programs installed can also negatively affect a computer’s performance. Therefore, if computer users have installed programs that are not used anymore, it is a good idea to remove them from the system. On a PC, users can go to the control panel and click “add/remove programs.” From there, they can easily remove the programs that are unwanted or no longer needed.

Performing Operating System Reinstallation

SpeedMaxPC provides technology solutions to its customers. In particular, SpeedMaxPC helps computer users resolve problems with PC performance. The company identifies and addresses a number of issues that cause a computer to run slowly.

Many computer slowdowns can be resolved once they are identified. This might involve removing malware from the computer or changing the computer’s settings. However, occasionally the problem is severe enough that it requires a complete reinstallation of the computer's operating system. If doing this, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

First of all, performing an operating system reinstallation takes time. It involves a lot of waiting, and typically the user is unable to use the computer for at least a day. Another factor is that this operation may result in a loss of data. If a person has not made backups of data and the system is unusable, the data will likely be lost. However, despite these downsides, sometimes reinstallation of the operating system is the only option for the most severe performance issues.

In order to perform this reinstallation, the user will need to have a recovery tool. This tool might be in a hidden partition on the computer’s hard drive. It might also be stored on disks. It might be necessary to perform research and/or contact the computer manufacturer to determine where to begin.

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