Speed Skating

By: Sarah Botvinnik, Danielle Lemonge, Brynn Backer,

What is Speed Skating?

Speed Skating is known world wide as a highly competitive sport played in the Winter Olympic Games. It is a sport of competitive racing on specially designed skates, technically around an oval like track.

What are the Muscles used in Speed Skating?

When Speed Skating these athletes often use lower body muscles. These muscles include practically all the leg muscles. These leg muscles are called quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscle. A lot like running you have to develop some upper body muscle as well in your triceps and biceps.

The Rules of Speed Skating:

1. The distance skated are determined by the level of skaters in the division

2. The skaters numbers have to be on both sides of the skaters helmet.

3. All protective gear must be on the skaters bare skin or covered or else disqualified.

4. Two false starts and the skater is disqualified.

5. Skaters are not allowed to shoot a leg forward to try and get a skate across the finish line in front of another skater.

6. Skaters may not disturb and cut off other skaters, along with knocking down the cones on purpose.

7. If a skater falls it is his/her responsibility to not interfere with the racing skaters.

Where did Speed Skating Originate?

Speed Skating originated in Canada and then the United States in the year 1887. It was then recorded to first be competed a couple years later (1924). In the United States hundreds began to crowed Madison Square Garden in New York to watch these competitions. This took place in the 1920-1930's. While this was become a favorite sport to watch in the US and Canada, it began to become a very popular sport in Great Britain, Japan, France, Belgium, & Austria.

What Equipment is used for Speed Skating?

The equipment used for Speed Skating consistent of:

  • Helmets
  • Eye protections
  • Knee Pads
  • Shin Pads
  • Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Bib Style Neck Guard
  • Elbow Pads
  • Clothing (Protective)

What are some Famous Athletes that Participate in Speed Skating?

Some famous United States Olympic Speed Skaters are known under the following:

Heather Richardson - Competes in ladies 500, 1000, & 1500 relay

Emery Lehman - Competes in mens 5000 & 10000 relay

Maria Lamb - Competes in ladies 1500

Required Questions:

When were the ancient Olympics held? 776 B.C.

Where did the ancient Olympic games first take place? In Ancient Greece

Why were the ancient Olympic games put on? They were held to honor the Greek gods primarily Zeus.

What were the sporting events that were taken place in the ancient Olympic Games? Some sports that were played in the ancient Olympic games were... boxing, chariot racing, riding, discuss, javelin, jump, running, & wrestling.

When were the modern (summer Olympics) first held? It was held in Athens, Greece in 1896.

What city was last to hold the Winter Olympics? Sochi

When did your sport start in the Olympics? Speed Skating started in the Olympics in 1960.

Give a historic back round of your sport. Speed Skating when founded was only known as a male sport. Then in 1932 women were able to participate and play just as much as men were. (MORE HISTORY ABOVE)

What are the rules for your sport? SEE ABOVE FOR RULES

How would athletes prepare for this sport? Running is very important for the speed difference, as well as sprinting on the ice in your skates. Some weight lifting is used for preparing, and skating in a curled position.

List 3 olympic people for this sport. SEE ABOVE FOR PEOPLE







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