"All the latest stuff" with iPads

Title inspired by Dr. Terry, perfected by Pete Dulany

So, what's the "latest stuff" (or things you may not have heard of yet for iPads / BYOD)?

1. TACKK.com

Tackk allows you to customize and edit your message the moment you visit the homepage. You can add photos, videos, maps, music and more. There is no login required and you can share your Tackk on any of your existing networks instantly! It's an iPad / iOS / DROID friendly site, which is perfect for BYOD here at St. Vincent Ferrer.

Assignment: Take five to ten minutes and create a TACKK.

2. 360cities.net

I usually demonstrate this when I do an iPad or SMART board workshop, but it's worth showing again, since Dr. Terry indicated that we have some new members on the faculty. There are updated 360 degree panoramic views from around the country.

Assignment: Take five minutes and explore a new area of the world.

3. Green Screen Activities

There are a few apps that allow you to replace the background. This is great if you only have limited iPads, not in a 1:1 environment. They are usually paid apps, but the return on investment is great. Amazon is your friend for getting setups like this.

4. Google has great primary source information.

President Truman made an important phone call as soon as he got to the White House for the first time. Whom did he call? (And how do you find out?)

5. List selector

Allows you to pick random students, create groups, etc. One-time setup, and FREE.

6. StopMotion

Per the name...

Other things you probably know...

* Socrative (version 1.0 is back from 2.0, at beta.socrative.com)
* TodaysMeet.com (for a private backchannel and Twitter interface)
* QR Code Readers and Generators at qrcode.kaywa.com
* iOS7 vs iOS6
* AirServer
* EDUCreations / ShowMe
* NearPod
* Book Creator
* Beethoven's 9th
* FreeRice.org