Steven Nemec

Lawyer With a Law Enforcement Background

About Steven Nemec

Steven Nemec possesses more than two decades of experience in his field. Currently, Steven Nemec assists Tribal Court Services with judgment enforcement matters that impact Native American groups.

Early in his career, Steve Nemec worked for the U.S. Department of Defense as a law enforcement officer. He eventually became a special agent for the National Insurance Crime Bureau, where he helped review suspicious insurance claims and pinpointed those that merited fraud investigation.

In the early 2000s, the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators certified him as an Auto Theft Investigator - Level 1. He went on to recover over 15 stolen vehicles in a five-month period.

A professionally engaged individual, Steve Nemec belongs to the Association of Inspectors General and the International Air and Transportation Safety Bar Association. He also has published articles related to judgment enforcement within a small claims context.

In his private life, Steven Nemec takes pleasure in world travel. So far, he has visited nations in Asia and Europe.

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