You do the Crime, You do the time

Crime Rates in America rise nonstop.

Did you know that Property Crimes are higher than Violent Crimes?

           My mission is important for many reasons.. Just think that if you were having a great day then come home to a robbed house. Everything is broken, items are missing, everything is trashed. Well that is what happens to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people each and every day in the United States. I want to stop it so people can have a good life and have the things they love untouched.

           I myself was robbed, and when it happened. It was terrifying. It still haunts me because they tried to break in again while I was at my house. I don't want people to have the feeling that I do now when I go home. I want people to have a good and safe home that they can come back to each and everyday. This is why my mission is important. Let people live in a safe Enviroment...

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