Delectable Desserts: Homemade Cookies

Sydney Scholes, Advanced Algebra II, 10/2/13
Business Plan

In my Business, I will bake fresh homemade cookies. These cookies will be sold by the dozen. The two main types of cookies I will sell are regular Chocolate Chip Cookies and Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies.


I won't be able to spend more than $10,000. Each type of cookie also has to be at least 1/4 of my total sales.

Costs & Selling Prices

Chocolate Chip Cookies will cost me $3 for each dozen to produce, and it will cost me $4 for the Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies. I will sell Chocolate Chip Cookies for $5 per dozen and the Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies for $7 per dozen.

Restrictions: Systems of Inequalities

10,000 ≥ 3c + 4t

7,500 ≥ c ≥ 0

7,500 ≥ t ≥ 0


My Profits will be my selling price minus the cost to produce the cookies.

c=# of Chocolate Chip Cookies; t=# of Triple Chocolate Cookies

Cost= $3c + $4t

Sell= $5c + $7t

Profit= Sell - Cost

Profit= ($5c + $7t) - ($3c + $4t) OR Profit= $2c + $3t

Maximize Profits

(0,0) 2(0)+ 3(0)= 0

(0, 2500) 2(0) + 3(2500)= 7,500

(3333, 0) 2(3333) + 3(0) = 6,666

To maximize my profits, I will sell 2,500 dozen triple chocolate chip cookies.

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