Written By: Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Susan Campbell Bartoletti: Author

Susan Campbell Bartoletti is an american writer of children's

literature . She was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but eventually the family ended up
in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania. Susan started as an English
teacher and inspired many students before deciding to pursue writing in earnest.
She sold her first short story in 1989. Three years later in 1992 she published
her first picture book, Silver at Night. She held a rigid routine,
awaking early in the morning in order to write before she left to teach. In 1997
she turned to writing full time. Susan has since returned to inspiring future
writers. She teaches writing classes at a number of MA and MFA programs, among
them Spalding University in Louisville,
, and Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. Additionally she leads
workshops offered through the Highlights Foundation. Now, she lives at Moscow,

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Czechoslovakia Breaking News!!!!!

After digging deep and searching for the facts about the Holocaust. How it happened, why the Jews, and most of all why didn't anyone rise against it. Years have passed but we have not gave up on the story, we have interviewed hundreds of survivors. We also have asked millions of questions all now have lead up to are facts and answers to all questions about the holocaust. Here is one of our interviews from about 1937; it is with Helmuth Hubener. A little boy that is living in Germany at the time of Hitlers rise to power. He is not Jewish but still stands up for what he believes in even when others do not. He is a brave, courageous soul that is fed up with the mistreatment of Jews and the unfair laws that have been set forth by Hitler. Therefore he rebels against Hitler and tries to attract as many followers as he can even though his life is on the line. Throughout his effort to stop Hitler he followed a small piece of wisdom "Stand up for what is right even if you are standing alone". He is remembered as a brave little solider that fought long and hard for what is right. He was put to death due to his rebelling against Hitler and the Nazis. Here are his finally words that Helmuth spoke before he was executed by the guillotine. Live from Czechoslovakia Breaking News.

Helmuth Hubener Interview

Reporter: What is your name?

Helmuth: Helmuth Hubener

Reporter: How old are you Helmuth?

Helmuth: 17 years old

Reporter: You are here because you have lead a rebel against Hitler. Tell me about this.

Helmuth: I was raised Mormon I believe in God. I was taught that you stand for what you believe in that is what I am doing

Reporter: What are you standing for Helmuth?

Helmuth: I am standing for what is right I am standing for the truth about Hitler and the Nazis.

Reporter: What is the truth about Hitler and the Nazis

Helmuth: They all are about a bunch of lies they are giving false information trying to deceive the youth. Someone has to step up someone has to say something, someone has to inform the people.

Reporter: How will you inform them how will you spread your knowledge.

Helmuth: My two good friends and I will make letters and more explain to the people the truth about Hitler....I..I..I

Officer: Times up traitor time to go back in your cell

Reporter: Thank you Helmuth for your time

As you can see Helmuth gave us information. But was rushed out, back to his cell and hours later was executed. He took full blame of the rebel and was established as the leader of it. He was 17 and died at the age of 17 via guillotine. No matter what age he still had done something that everyone would never have done. Helmuth Hubener- "I know that God lives and he will be the just judge in this matter. I look foward to seeing you in a better world"

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