The Cleveland Orchestra

At Home in Lakewood May 17-24

Last year's Cleveland Orchestra Gordon Square Residency (above), marked a new tradition for the Cleveland Orchestra, and local Cleveland neighborhoods. Last year's residency incorporated the musicians into the local Cleveland community of Gordon Square, bringing in local Clevelanders and visitors, showing everything Cleveland has to offer.

2014 Lakewood Residency

The just announced 2014 Cleveland Orchestra Lakewood Residency marks the second year the Cleveland Orchestra will reside in a local Cleveland community. The exact locations and dates of the 2014 performances will be announced in March of 2014.

The centerpiece of the Orchestra's neighborhood residency in Lakewood will be a free, public Cleveland Orchestra concert at the Civic Auditorium in Lakewood (14100 Franklin Blvd.) on Saturday, May 24, at 7:30 p.m. During the residency, the Orchestra will perform a free concert for students at the Civic Auditorium. Prior to the concerts, Orchestra musicians will visit classrooms in Lakewood schools to introduce themselves and the music that will be performed at the student concert.

Why the Residencies?

The residencies were first brought on by The Cleveland Orchestra in an effort to reach out to the local Cleveland communities, and to form a cultural bridge between the Orchestra and Cleveland businesses and non-profits. These residencies also introduce classical music to new audiences.

Cleveland Orchestra Musicans at the Happy Dog

A group of Cleveland Orchestra Musicians tested out the chamber music performances, and were found to be extremely successful through its partnership with the Happy Dog.