Charles Cotton - Lead Guitar,Piano
Jack B.C. -lead vocals ,bass guitar
Greg Higham -rhythm guitar,harmonica,vocals
Conor Moby Mather - drums

All Songs written and performed by The Visitors copyright. The Visitors2014

"You need to hear and see the best new young band around..."

Clint Boon
Hey @TheVisitors2014 , nice seeing you play tonight. Top set. Loved the Chuck Berry cover at the end too. Keep up the great work xxx

"...I'm like fiiiiiire...! the ending,Smoke and"

Emerging North @EmergingNorth Apr 22Everyone needs @TheVisitors2014 in their life "The Visitors are special. I mean really special.

"A Nineteen year old band from the Oldham rain,devilish,soulful,dashing,in love with great music...and very very good..."

"New Illusion (Hurly Burly). by TheVisitors2014  i love this band boo ya kaa shaaaa.."

"@thevisitors2014 were ace tonight!"

"WOW!!! @TheVisitors2014 are amazing!!!!!! Give a follow and a listen boys and girls!! "

"Forgot to mention how good @TheVisitors2014 were last night, can't wait for the next gig #TALENT"

"My love for @TheVisitors2014 has grown infinitely after this live show... Mind blown.."

"Shout out to @TheVisitors2014 bossed it last night it was truly beautiful 🙌,had a class night"

"just the best young new band i've seen in ages...they're gonna fly..."

"Do this band and yourself a favour and follow them,go and see them better,they will blow your mind.."

"fantastic tonight..two encores,six minute improvised Be Bop a Lula at the end by public demand...f'kin tremendous"

"Absolutely incredible set from @TheVisitors2014 tonight, top lads and a top band destined for the BIG time..."

"Just watched @TheVisitors2014 #epic..."

Emerging North @EmergingNorth Jan 25

Artist of the month @TheVisitors2014

A big prospect for 2015

"Then to close the show - The Visitors..... Wow!
Heard these guys in rehearsal, loved their work, never seen them live until last night..... People are talking about these young ladsand have been for a while and you can see why. Fantastic sound, own songs brilliant, and then to throw the classic covers in at the end,including some they hadn't rehearsed, to get people up dancing just showed the quality these guys have. Gob Smacked! "

"the guitar solo at the end of Cemetery Road is beautiful and soul bending..."

"can't stop listening to this late at night. Melancholy beautiful and is like a true old friend. @TheVisitors2014 "

"Got to say boy did the @TheVisitors2014 hit the fucking roof tonight..."

"Thoroughly enjoyed my first time watching @TheVisitors2014 this evening! Super talented and top lads!"

"The Visitors are special. I mean really special. Considering they have only been together since January Greg, Jack, Conor and Charles are on an uphill trajectory that is leading to stardom! They have it all, musical ability in bags full, a smouldering image that is destined to be a hit and a set of tracks that will blow your mind, the future is certainly set to be a bright one.

They are creating music far beyond there young years and experience already and things are looking like they are only gonna get better and better which will lead to them surely catching the eye of music bigwigs soon. Citing influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, The Visitors have managed to craft their songs using the best bits of all these artists but blend it with a unique Visitors twist.

Take a trip to The Visitors Soundcloud and you’ll find 4 enthralling tracks. ‘Platform 101′ is an authentic bluesy effort featuring a great guitar lick, face melting guitar solo, powerful drumming and a thundering, echoing vocal. ‘Smoke and Dust’ is another almighty track where the band combine to create a commanding track that at just over 6 minutes is a Bluesy/Rock n Roll marathon of guttural vocals, impressive guitars and, again, insanely talented drumming. ‘Cemetery Road’ is a Neil Young type classic. Showcasing the softer side of The Visitors is a slower number that shows just how much versatility the band have. It’s another long track at just over 7 minutes but whereas some tracks could be accused of dragging songs like this out, this track could go on for another 7 minutes and still be too short. Featuring a beautiful harmonica (of which, in the past, I have stated my love and admiration for. ANY track with a harmonica is a winner for me!) and a softer vocal, ‘Cemetery Road’ is beautiful track that could easily pass as a 60’s classic which is testament to the authenticity this band have already at such a young age. Finally ‘New Illusion (Hurly Burly)’ has hit wrote all over it. Its a hurricane of a track that, even at 3 and a half minutes, storms through your ears before you know it and leaves pure carnage behind. It illustrates all the things that The Visitors do best with a memorable guitar riff, forceful and now trademark Visitors guitar solo and another impressive vocal. I guarantee that after just 1 listen to these tracks you are going to be hooked.

Live, the band are making a name for themselves having already headlined the Academy 3, Deaf Institute, Roadhouse, Dry Bar, Night and Day Cafe and the Big Slice as well as playing at the likes of Factory and countless other venues they are steadily perfecting their sets ensuring that once seen, never forgotten. "

"@TheVisitors2014 absolutely smashed it last night! Give em a listen "

"I've spent the afternoon listening to the amazing @TheVisitors2014 ... you should do the same ..."

"So, the other night I decided to go and watch a new band at Manchester Academy. A four piece band from classy Oldham named ‘The Visitors’, made up of four lovely lads who create some cracking music.

After watching a couple of alright, pretty average bands take to the stage and after a cheeky drink I was pretty excited for The Visitors set. I’d only listened to them on soundcloud, so this was my first time watching them live.

The crowd literally went mad as soon as the guys came on stage, groups of people pushed forwards, and that’s when I knew I was in for a treat. with the other bands people were interested, but as soon as these guys came on it was like someone was giving out free drinks on stage the way the crowd pushed and shoved.

They stood with their backs to us, anticipation grew as the strobe lights blinked faster and faster. And then it began…

They played seven songs, each one bringing a different edge to it. The songs gave off a folky, Rock ‘n’ Roll kind of vibe, some being more folk others being more rock and each one got the crowd moving.

Some of the songs played were ‘Hazey Green’, ‘Half Full’ and ‘Sharp Dressed Man.’plus a fantastic bluesy ballad really moved me personally was ‘Unconditional’ a song written by lead singer Jack Bottomley-Clift for his Mum (aww),a song that  melted everyone’s hearts.

What I noticed throughout the performance was that the band weren’t trying to be the same as other bands, they were just being themselves. They’re obviously strongly influenced by great musicians, but, unlike many new bands The Visitors are just The Visitors, they aren’t a rip off Oasis or a wannabe Arctic Monkeys.Go see will be amazed at just how good they are"


...a snippet of Charles attacking Chuck Berry...

" happy I discovered @TheVisitors2014 , amazing band!.."

Drummer boy @clinthan20 Jan 28



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