Tactical Recon Force

If interested in joining Please write us at this email below. We are also looking for new members to join us. We have 5 members as of now. One will not be with us sense he is joining the military. He will be back in the matter of 7 months.


  • COL.     Nick Gidley
  • Major     Brent Gidley
  • CPT.    Kyle Stemple
  • PVT. E2     Dewayne Purnell
  • Recruit     Daniel kisamore
  • This could be you.

If you want to become a T.R.F member this is a small membership fee of five dollars. Also if you decide to be a member you must run the training course and finish in under a certain time limit. You must be there every practice. ( You only have two excuses).

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