Tackk Core Values

Core values are one of the most misunderstood and underutilized elements of modern business.  While most companies dedicate every waking moment trying to build advantage through strategic planning, financial and market analysis and technology innovation, few spend enough time and energy on the single most important contributor to an organization's success: the people.  Core values, shared by all stakeholders and used as a guide for how we work together, are at the center of a successful and effective organization.  They are the rules by which we hold ourselves accountable.  They are the yard stick by which we measure success.  They are the principles by which we make tough decisions.  They are timeless and constant.  Strategies, products, markets and assumptions will inevitably change.  Our core values will not.  

Core values alone are nothing more than words.  To be an effective foundation for Tackk, core values must align with how we act.  We walk the walk.  We use our core values to guide who we hire and measure how we are performing.  We use policies and mechanisms that reward and reinforce behaviors that align with these values.  Likewise, we hold each other and ourselves accountable when we violate these values.  

While these values do not capture everything we hold important, they are applicable to nearly every decision or action we can currently imagine.  We do not mention obvious things like integrity and honesty, which honestly should be a given.  If people need to be told to operate with integrity and honesty, they shouldn't be on our team.  Finally, these values are meant to be remembered and referenced every day, and realistically cannot be fully inclusive.  So, here they are :

Always Simplify

  • We search for and sacrifice the non-essential
  • We seek clarity in all communications with each other, our customers and partners
  • We remove complexity from all designs, processes and 

Take Ownership

  • We steward all our resources (time, money, reputation) as if they were our own
  • We take responsibility when things go badly and give credit when things go well
  • We JDI

Constantly Adapt

  • We value the ability to learn quickly over having all the answers
  • We never say, "because it's always been done that way."
  • We see mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve

Practice Generosity

  • We treat everyone with respect, especially those we lead
  • We initiate from a position of implied trust, without expectation of reciprocity
  • We are humble, especially in times of success

Drive Impact

  • We believe in our ability to change the world
  • We value high performing people over processes & policies
  • We care about how our individual work impacts the company and how our company impacts our community

Be Authentic

  • We keep it real; both personally & professionally
  • We value and celebrate diversity
  • We don’t take ourselves, or any specific situation, too seriously

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6 months ago

Sounds like y'all have a tremendous compamy culture at Tackk.If I wasn't dutifully employed,

6 months ago

What I mean to say it, if I wasn't already set with a steady career Tackk - based on what I know about it - seeks like a great place to work!