5 Ways to Get Discovered and Get More from Tackk

So you've figured out how to add photos, text, and video, as well as change the font colors and background patterns. Now you're ready to get into some of the more powerful and engaging features on Tackk.

Let this Tackk be your guide on some features and ways you can optimize your Tackk for whatever you choose to create.

1). Selling Stuff and Taking Donations with Paypal

Tackk is a great way to sell or collect donations with 30 seconds of setup. Simply add the 'Money' widget to your Tackk and fill in the fields describing the item, price, and quantity (or cause for the donation).

The payment is secure and processed through the Paypal payment engine - and Tackk does not charge any fees or take any percentage of payment to set this up.

2). Get Your Tackk Discovered - (Search Engines and More)

If you are promoting your business, selling something, writing a blog, or simply want to maximize exposure there are few ways to do that on Tackk. The most important step to take for Google and other search engine optimization purposes is to customize your URL in the options menu in the editor drawer.

If the URL is already taken an X shows. If available, a blue check mark shows.

Other search engine optimization techniques that are easy and work well on Tackk include:

  • Name your images in a way that best describes them.
  • Use descriptive photo captions.
  • Use headlines that are relevant and use the key terms you are after.
  • Sharing to many different social networks.

Additionally, make sure you tag your Tackk with relevant tags that describe the subject matter. This helps it get discovered on Tackkboards and liked/shared out to extended networks.

If your Tackk is really good, creative, or engaging we'll feature it on the featured board.

3). Keep Your Tackk Between You and Your Intended Audience

The opposite of number 2, let's say you are using Tackk for a private event or to post pics of family/friends and you don't want your Tackk to be found (including by Search Engines like Google) simply make it private.

Go to options in the editor and select 'Private'.

Sharing sensitive data or pictures with someone? Need extra security? Put a password on the Tackk. When you email the Tackk to recipients, we'll deliver the password you set along with the Tackk.

4). Fill in Your Tackkboard Profile

Everyone likes to interact with Tackks when they can learn a little bit about the creator.

Once you register for a free Tackk account, you automatically get a Tackkboard that shows all the Tackks you have created, as well as a profile section. In the editor drawer click on your account and then click 'Tacckkboard Profile'. Add a profile photo, a short bio, your location, and link to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Like everything on Tackk, it is automatically saved in real time so no need to find a save button to lock in your changes.

5). Make Your Tackk Stand out With a Custom Photo Background

Once again, in the editor section, add your own photo for a background. Either upload it from your computer or directly link it - either way the best Tackks almost always stand out with a custom BG.

Go for an abstract effect by turning the blur effect on. You can even use an animated gif like I've done on this Tackk if you want to get really fancy (but don't overdo it, subtle animation is key). And Tackk is adaptive meaning we'll make almost any image background look slick.