Let's Get to Know One Another on Tackk

One of the big enhancements you'll see on our new version of Tackk is an ability to follow people and topics. You'll also be able to get notifications when someone on Tackk shares or likes your Tackks.

We're often asked, are you guys trying to create a social network? The answer is no, Tackk will always be first and foremost focused on dead simple content creation and sharing. But we also recognize the need to allow people to interact with each other and with content. It's nice to know if someone likes your Tackk, or thinks you are interesting enough to follow. And this is what we wanted to provide on Tackk.

People inherently want to know what other people think of what they put out on the internet. If they don't, they probably aren't posting on the internet. So if you are new to Tackk, create your profile in the drawer to the right and start looking around for interesting people and topics to interact with. You'll quickly see how much great content has already been created using Tackk.

Here are some boards and people to get you started:

Topics To Follow

Tackk People To Follow