Tackk on Campus

No admin, no headaches; just simple, beautiful pages

What is Tackk?

"Ridiculously Simple Storytelling"

Tackk is the new way to create content on the web. Campuses are taking advantage of Tackk's free tool as a way to market, promote and inform. So we put together this handy Tackk explaining more about uses at your school.

To find out more about Tackk's story and team, click here.

Who can use Tackk on campus?

Here are some of the examples of who can #tackk campus:

  • Students
  • Clubs
  • Sororities/fraternities
  • Career Services
  • Residence Life/RAs
  • Community service orgs
  • Student orgs/governement
  • Local restaurants/bars
  • Athletic dept/sports teams
  • Professors/TAs

How can we use it?

Tackks are versatile, quick and simple to create. Here are a few ways Tackks can be used on campus:

  • Event promotion
  • Career services tips/info
  • Dining hall menus
  • Class requirements/info
  • Sell stuff
  • Campus resources/tips
  • Sports recaps
  • Student/professor bios
  • Find a roommate/apartment
  • Internship info/details
  • Campus announcements
  • Share/get ideas

Examples of live Tackks:


Boards are created each time you tag your Tackk, and can be followed and liked. Your board is a central place where someone can find organized info about that certain topic.

Best part? No one has to manage the board, and anyone tackking can contribute to it.

An example of the live University of Michigan Tackkboard:


Ever used tags on Tumblr? Same idea. Tags help organize boards, so use whatever tags make sense for your Tackk, add 'em.

Tag examples for Boston University might include keywords like:

'Boston University'

'Boston University Athletics'

'Boston University Journalism'

'Boston U happy hours'

...it's endless, so tag as much as you need!

Questions about Tackking on Campus?