Stage 2- Science Assessment

Researching & designing your sustainable home

Stage 2- Energy efficient house

What insulation will you use? The insulation I have chosen to put into the house i am designing is Reflective insulation. I have chosen Reflective insulation because it is a type of laminated aluminum foil that is shiny and in summer, the heat from the suns energy (Radiant heat) reflects from the laminated aluminum foil back into the earths atmosphere which makes the home less heated, reflective insulation is not poor conductor of heat.

What will I use for electricity? what electrical appliances will I use? The electricity for lighting that will be used in my energy efficient home is LED (light-emitting diode) lighting, and solar panels for every other electrical object also solar panels heat your water. The electrical appliances that will be used are; Solar hot water system, inverter air conditioner, convection microwave, computer (you can shut them down and put them into hibernate) 5 or 6 star energy efficient rating refrigerator and solar panels, I have chosen to use all of these object because they are all energy efficient appliance.

How will you make sure your home is water-efficient? The way that I will make sure my home is water- efficient is to not use the water as much as non-energy efficient home would, the shower times would be less than 5 minutes.For example: not leaving the sprinkler on, having a set timer on the hose, having days to turn the sprinklers on, reducing the time of how long you have showers for, hand washing dishes and hand watering the garden instead of sprinklers.

How will you allow for convection and airflow? I will be installing high ceiling fans into the ceilings in the energy efficient home and also I willbe installing the roof vents to let the hot air rise that will make the room or area cool. Also heat vents will take the hot air out too throughout summer.

How will you orientate your house? (remember you're in the southern hemisphere) The way the orientation of my energy efficient home would be to allow and provide cross ventilation also to maximize the heat conduction during winter. Before building the house i will investigate the prevailing winds throughout the year to determine the wind directions. But if the house was to be set facing the beach way, I would make sure to orientate the house to the North-East.

How will you design your garden to incorporate shade? The way I will be incorporating shade is to plant big trees not too far away from the house but far enough to produce the shade to stop the heat from coming through, if low windows were put into the home i would plant bushes near the windows to also stop the shade from coming in.

What size windows and doors will you have? The size of the windows that is going to be placed in my energy efficient home will be set to the North and orientated within the amount of heat mass in the house and will be installing a casement window which re-directs the breeze through the window. The sized doors that will added to the home are called U-factor, which is a door that conduces non-solar heat flow.

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