The Steam-Engine

Steam-Engine- A heat engine that performs mechanical work using Steam as its working fluid.

The Steam-Engine was first built in the mid-1700'S.

The Steam-Engine was though up by Thomas Savery but has many rightful developers and had a use for multiple things.

The Steam-Engine was not only built for the use of train transportation but could also be used for boats and in factories for machines.

Over a period of time the Steam-Engine was modified and improved by more then 100 british developers.

This "Mover of Mountains" did so much to help and it was so fascinating to the people of that it actually was not fit for the title of engine. This machine reached feats that were unimaginable by any other engine.

With its many different designs and uses the Steam-Engine help with several different things. The Steam-Engine solved several problems while creating none. Yes, there were minor set backs in its earlier stages as but the Steam-Engine helped with factory work, landscaping and transportation.

The Steam-Engine was a very reliable and helpful invention and it continues to help in different areas to this day. Without the Steam-Engine I can't really tell were we would be but i'm 100% sure that it would have affected us in some way.

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