Welcome to The Chicken Bus

January 28, 2014

This is the first of what will be a regular digest of talent-related blogs and other snippets of content that I've found and believe to have relevant value. If you're receiving this post, it's likely that you are a very busy person. What I share is intended to help inspire the creation of the most exciting companies to work for in the world. Sometimes, however, I share funny shit that made me laugh.

I'll be tinkering with various formats, topics and themes and welcome feedback.

Why "Chicken Bus"?

Built for lean, not comfort

Good question. A chicken bus is a common form of public transportation in developing countries where people, their livestock and various other random shit are packed into barely-serviceable, antiquated coaches. Repairs are improvised, at best - often implemented while he vehicle is still in motion. Little thought is put into who (or what) is packed onto the bus and rarely is anyone refused entry. Passenger safety is not a priority. Sound like your startup? Find out if your company is a chicken bus here.

Recruiting Great Talent is Hard... Even for LinkedIn

If you think finding and attracting engineers is tough for your company, listen to this talk given by LinkedIn's former head of talent and recruiting, Steve Cadigan. It's mind-blowing (and funny). Using his company's product, Google, Facebook and Zynga were killing LinkedIn in its early days. Learn to how they had to change in order to compete.

Hat-tip to Josh Green at Roadtrippers for sharing this.

Why Do Some Hires Thrive in Startups While Others Fail?

Often it's because the job you're hiring for today is guaranteed to be dramatically different in six months (maybe sooner). The priorities and context of the company are likely to be different as well. So hiring people who can learn, adapt and make good/fast decisions is important. Research by The Founder Institute's Adeo Ressi claims a link between success founding and working in startups and measurable behavioral patterns and fluid intelligence. Check out this infographic that explains their findings.

If you're interested in learning more about how your company can test candidates for fluid intelligence as part of the recruiting process, let me know.

How to Interview... Like a Boss