How to Not Suck at Recruiting

February 10, 2014

A talent leader for one of our companies has this thing. Whenever he discusses recruiting (which is all the time since it's his job), he uses the word "brand" instead of "company". That's because Jamie understands the true nature of attracting talent to his company, in the same way brands understand attracting customers to buy their products. While building a brand is hard work and takes time, the below blogs and articles offer a few tools to help get you started.

Start by Looking in the Mirror

Any recruiting strategy has to start with a good, hard look in the mirror. Everyone wants A-players (so much so that I hate using the term "A-players"). But your ability to recruit and attract the best will depend on what you offer in return (and money is only a small part of that proposition). Ask yourself these questions before attempting to build a recruiting strategy.

Seek to Deliver a "Moment of Truth"

Procter & Gamble coined the phrase "the first moment of truth" to describe the three to seven seconds it takes a shopper to decide which product to pull down from the shelf. Brands may have been investing in that moment for years, building awareness, mindshare and intent. But it happens in a flash. Talent and recruiting blogger, Georges Janin, explains how employers can deliver their own first moment of truth through good recruiting.

Don't Be a Spammer

One of the most common fails in recruiting is the impersonal form email. Email is likely going to be a big part of your outreach strategy, so try to do it well. Recruiting platform provider Gild offers these four ingredients of an effective recruiting email, which will improve your hit rate.

Invest in Campus Recruiting

If you want to know who's winning the war for talent, spend some time at a top engineering university. Brands like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are crawling the place (literally and virtually). Campus recruiting is the high-roller room of the talent game and the buy-in is usually more than a startup can afford. Campus recruiting expert, Michael Gaiss, offers five tips for campus recruiting done right, on a startup budget.

And Address Motivation Issues in the Workplace

As I said earlier, good recruiting starts at home. This video offers a few tips to getting the most out of the team you already have, before setting out to bring in more people.