The Queensland Lungfish

The Queensland Lungfish is one of the few fish that can survive droughts


The Queensland Lungfish has a long heavy body.

It has large heavy overlapping scales,very small eyes and a sturdy pectoral.

It has pelvic fins and resembling flippers.


It's habitat is still flowing water systems.


The shelter of the Queensland Lungfish is stream banks

Biological Relationships

The Queensland Lungfish consumes snails,frogs,tadpoles,small fish,molluscs,shrimp,earthworms and plants.

Life Cycle

The Queensland Lungfish's life spans from fifty to a hundred years.

When it's a baby it is eaten by shrimp.When it's an adult eats shrimp.

Food Chain/Web

It's food chain starts with aquatic vegetation as the primary producer which is consumed by shrimp the primary consumer then the Queensland Lungfish which is the secondary consumer consumes the shrimp


The Queensland Lungfish's Biome is Temperate Deciduous Forest.

Interesting Facts

The Queensland Lungfish can survive droughts.

It comes to the surface to breathe every thirty to sixty minutes

It can survive without water for up to 4 years.

When a drought comes it digs down into the earth eating mud to make a chamber then it makes a cocoon out of spit and saliva and when the rain comes it digs back out then slides to the water.


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