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About The Autograph Auction

A leading provider of authentic celebrity-signed collectibles, The Autograph Auction specializes in hard-to-find photos and other memorabilia autographed by popular personalities. From actors and musicians to authors, artists, models, and even politicians, The Autograph Auction offers a constantly changing selection of signed celebrity keepsakes through its fun and easy online auction system.

The company uses a minimum bidding system, with bids usually starting at around 10 to 50 percent of fair value. Auction participants have access to convenient features such as the ability to set limits or ceilings on their bids and receive bid notifications via email.

Operating by core principles such as honesty, authenticity, and value, The Autograph Auction employs a team of experienced collectors who personally witness each item being signed for the benefit of future purchasers. Each item comes with an official certificate of authenticity, so buyers can feel confident that they are bidding on a genuine piece of celebrity memorabilia. For more information, or to register to join an auction, please visit

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