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The Scorpions had 19 albums and over 100 songs.


Birthday: August 31, 1948. Basic Info:The longtime front man for German heavy metal export the Scorpions, singer Klaus Meine was born May 25, 1948, in the city of Hanover; prior to a stint in the military he led a group called the Mushrooms, and following his service stay he returned home in 1970 to form Copernicus with teen guitar phoneme Michael Schenker. The following year the duo joined the Scorpions, founded six years earlier by Schenker's brother Rudolf, and in 1972 issued their Conrad Plank-produced debut LP Lonesome Crow. Lineup changes plagued the group in the years to come, but subsequent LP's like 1974's Fly to the Rainbow and 1976's Virgin Killer earned them a growing following throughout Europe. With 1980's Animal Magnetism, the "Scorps" appeared poised for an American breakthrough, but when Meine developed nodes and a polyp on his vocal cords, he required two major surgeries and a half-year of vocal training before returning to action. Despite rumors that he'd been dismissed from the band, Meine came back to complete 1982's Blackout, which generate.In Germany that same year, they were voted best live group. During their first UK tour in 1975, the SCORPIONS entered what might be called "the lion’s den", playing at Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club. In the birthplace of hard rock, they succeeded in gaining the acceptance of the most dyed-in-the-wool British fans. Gigs at the renowned London venue, the Marquee, were further high points of the mid-1970s. The SCORPIONS achieved their ambition to be the top German hard rock band, when their fourth album Virgin Killer (1976) won the "LP of the Year" award in Germany. In Japan, Virgin Killer gained them their first Gold Disc. Their follow-up album Taken by Force (1977) was also awarded a Japanese Gold Disc. In 1978 the SCORPIONS toured Japan, the world’s second largest music market, where they got a foretaste of what it was like to be superstars. When they arrived at Tokyo airport, the five heavy metal men were mobbed by adoring fans. Ulrich Roth left the band after the 1978 Japanese tour.Their upbringing: Like many youngsters born in post-war Germany, Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker were influenced by the music and other delights imported into their homeland by American GI’s, Elvis Presley, chewing gum, blue jeans and leather jackets, but most of all rock ‘n’ roll. Inspiration: Elvis Presley. Genre: Rock 'n' Roll. How they got started: By their first album (First Sting). Life Span: Formed 1969-present. Relationships: Divorced. Former Bands: James Kottak was a bride drummer before joining the Scorpions. Movies: The Scorpions were never in any movies but had soundtrack in hundreds of different movies. Instruments: Vocalist, rhythm guitar, drums, and bass. Previous Jobs: James Kottak was a bride drummer, and the rest of the group formed the band so young that they didn't need to have any previous jobs. Academic Career: d the hit "No One Like You"; buoyed by the smash "Rock You Like a Hurricane," the 1984 follow-up Love at First Sting went double platinum in the U.S. In 1988, the "Scorps" became the first metal band to tour Russia; the experience inspired the ballad "Wind of Change," a Top Five pop hit in 1991. Although the emergence of grunge effectively derailed the group's American following, they remain popular overseas. The scorpions were the most popular band in the 1970s.

Lonesome Crow (1972)Fly to the Rainbow (1974)In Trance (1975)Virgin Killer (1976)Taken by Force (1978)The Best of Scorpions (1978)Tokyo Tapes (1978)Lovedrive (1979)Animal Magnetism (1980)Blackout (1982)Love at First Sting (1984)Savage Amusement (1988)Crazy World (1990)Face the Heat (1993)Pure Instinct (1996)Eye II Eye (1999)Unbreakable (2004)Humanity: Hour I (2007)Sting in the Tail (2010)

No one like you, Rock you like a hurricane, Wind of Change Still loving you, The zoo, Send me an angel, Big city nights,   Rhythm of love, Holliday, Blackout, Tease me please me,  Im leaving you,  I cant explain, Loving you sunday morning, Animal magnetism, Always somewhere, Chine white,  Believe in love,  Bad boys running wild, the best is yet to come, loving you sunday morning  Is there anybody there?, dynamite, make it real, Arizona, make it real, coming home, coast to coast, when the smoke is going down, Love drive, you give me all i need,  the scorpion sleeps, hey you, death stalker, raised on rock, passion rules he game, lady starlight, now! Falling in love, humanity, crossfire,  another piece of meat, as soon as the good times roll, the same thrill, send me an angel, scorpions death lock, 321, and sly.

One of the Scorpions best songs, Rock You Like a Hurricane!

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