Tonya Brenneman

Business and Leadership Change Consultant

ABout Tonya Brenneman

Tonya Brenneman undertook her tertiary studies at Kansas State University, where she earned both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science. After graduating, she went on to gain professional experience in executive roles at various business management and business administration firms. Tonya Brenneman currently lives in Dallas, Texas, where she works as an adviser for a number of organizations and executives.

Among her business clients include a Fortune 500 company, for which she serves as a Senior Adviser. Ms. Brenneman helps businesses and individuals achieve their business goals through strategy, organizational development, and managing client expectations. She is also an executive coach and a mentor and provides expertise in leadership. In addition to her work in the business field, Tonya Brenneman uses her professional skill set to support her community; she currently serves as an Executive Coach with the Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center of Southern Methodist University.

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