A Trip to Tackk

We started off with three (Robin, Haley, and myself), but sadly ended with two and a picture of the third. Haley was there in spirit through a poorly drawn picture.

We arrived at the address!! The excitement begins!

Moving along...

Look what we found in the corner! Anyways...

After a door pull and an elevator ride...
We reached Tackk on the third floor

I don't have any pictures of the actual Tackk office entrance because I was feeling too excited and forgot, plus people might have said, "hey who is this girl taking pictures of random things?". So imagine an open concept with glass windows everywhere.

The first person to greet us was Andria. She welcomed us and invited us to hangout wherever we wanted. We plopped our laptops on the very spacious tables of Tackk and then a fellow Kent Stater across the table introduced himself as Andy and said he works on the marketing end of Tackk.

The second person we met while sitting in Tackk's comfortable and springy chairs was Gina. She was personable and remembered my cat Nox ( I mean.. who wouldn't ? haha). She also shook up her style and got extensions for her upcoming wedding this weekend, congrats Gina!

The talented designers and developers concluded their meeting, which was held in a room filled with huge bean bag chairs, so Robin and I went to say hello to Jeff and to meet his comrades. Eric introduced himself with an award winning handshake, next was Dan with his ear to ear smile, and lastly at the table was suave Caleb.

I'm pretty sure Pasto did a drive by hello around this time. But he needs no introduction... he is Pasto.

So after meeting the great Tackk crew ( sorry we missed Kyle and Niemann), Robin and I chatted with Andria about Tackk, the numerous projects she was working on, what we wanted to do after college, what we're doing now, and how much Cleveland had to offer.

Everyone was slowly gathering their things to go home after an hour of us being there. Jeff, Robin and I left to catch a ride with Sarah to go feed our stomachs with some Melt, which Robin has never had!

Our meals were delicious and after Melt we made our journey back to Tackk to where Robin's car was parked. Sarah and I both had to pee which put us all back inside Tackk.

We played volleypong.

Jeff went easy on us newbies.

I don't have pictures of us actually playing, but a blurry Jeff in front of the pong table counts.

We left Tackk shortly after volleypong. Overall it was a good day filled with great people.