Online Etiquette

"The do's and don'ts of online communication. "

. No inappropriate material. Do not forward virus warnings, chain letters, jokes, etc. to classmates or instructors. The sharing of pornographic material is forbidden.   Consider the privacy of others'. Ask permission prior to giving out a classmate's email address or other information.                                                                         Review, review, then send. There‚Äôs no taking back a comment that has already been sent, so it is important to double-check all writing to make sure that it clearly conveys the exact intended message.                                                                            Avoid language that may come across as strong or offensive. Language can be easily misinterpreted in written communication. If a point must be stressed, review the statement to make sure that an outsider reading it would not be offended, then post the statement.                                                                                 The language of the Internet. Though still a fairly young type of communication, certain aspects of this form of communication are becoming conventional. For example, do not write using all capital letters, because it will appear as shouting. 

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