Simple, Fast, Appealing Way to Send Info to the Chapter!

Introducing a new and great way to communicate with the Mu Lamda chapter of Chi Omega at the University of Dayton! will really benefit our chapter as a fun and more efficient way to communicate information, events, and reminders.


Chapter Updates

Instead of just sending words in the e-mail for the chapter recap, attach a Tackk as well! It is way more appealing to look at than reading a bunch of small words that can be overwhelming and easily skimmed over too quickly.

Event Reminders

Tackk can be a great way to remind the chapter, other organizations, friends, family, etc. about the great things that Chi Omega is involved with around campus! Posting Tackks on our Facebooks around the time of an event could help us market it and get the information out there to everyone that we want involved! For example during philanthropy events like Cornhole and Not So Scary, or Takeovers, and more. We can also use it for inside chapter events such as The Resume Workshop, Recruitment Practices, CC team meetings, Sisterhood events, etc!

We can also Tackk after events are over! Posting a quick recap, cute pictures, and thanking everyone for their support! We will use it to announce formals/socials and even Tackk after they are over to show what a great time we had.

We can use Tackks to get quick information and feedback when we want to take a Chapter vote, or get opinions on things. For example: when choosing social themes! SO EASY!


A quick Tackk on our Tackkboard could help remind our sisters to order new items that we have available, like our new Rugby shirts or when we were trying to sell extra tanks for Cornhole. You can also connect the link right to the picture on the Tackk so that people can simply click on it to take them to the order page so they can order right away!

All of this AND more will be a fun and SIMPLE way to communicate among our chapter. I think it will really help us and be a great tool for us.

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