Ubiquiti Networks

A networking technology company with a wide array of innovative applications, Ubiquiti Networks, Inc., offers a diverse range of solutions in the area of communications technology.

About Ubiquiti Networks

Transforming the network communication industry, Ubiquiti Networks builds state-of-the-art networking platforms and delivers them worldwide. In fact, the company has placed millions of devices in more than 180 countries. Recognized as a leader in the digital sphere, Ubiquiti Networks continues to draw increased clientele from individuals and organizations that need to be on the cutting edge of technology.

With its EdgeMax platform, Ubiquiti Networks provides advanced routing capabilities with high performance at reasonable prices. Because of a powerful functionality and an advanced interface, customers enjoy an intuitive user experience with fast results. Ubiquiti’s airMAX also stands out as a favored MIMO TDMA Protocol System. Retaining ultimate frequency freedom, a world-class antenna design and other customizable features, the product remains first rate in the realm of outdoor systems. People who are interested in learning more about the company’s products, including airFiber, airVision, and UniFi, can visit the official website at www.ubnt.com. Web users can also connect on Facebook, Twitter, and the Ubiquiti community site.

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