United Patent Research

United Patent Research offers inventors a comprehensive suite of services to successfully patent, license, and market new products.

About United Patent Research

Entrepreneur Patrick Ralston founded United Patent Research in order to provide patent protection and associated services to the inventors across the country who lack the time and resources to research the patent process themselves. United Patent Research operates from Olney, Maryland, filing various types of patents in the United States, the European Union, and China. Providing a full spectrum of services, United Patent Research takes an individualized approach with each client and product to ensure every idea comes to fruition. Clients begin the process at the United Patent Research website by filling out a short confidential disclosure form that protects the intellectual property and legal rights of the inventor. The team at United Patent Research then performs an initial evaluation to determine the originality and patentability of the idea, reporting the findings in a new product portfolio. At this stage, the client then decides how to protect their product: a utility, design, or provisional application for patent in the United States; a trademark application; or international patenting in China or the European Union.

United Patent Research compiles all of the necessary documentation for the inventor to review with a patent attorney. Once the release is agreed upon, the attorney drafts the patent applications and the idea is submitted to the appropriate agency; at this point the invention receives “patent pending” status. Patent offices often take one to two years to make a thorough review and issue the full documentation. In the meantime, inventors have the option of utilizing a licensing service through United Patent Research’s partner company, Universal Licensing, LLC. Operating strictly on a contingency, Universal Licensing allows entrepreneurs to begin marketing and profiting from their idea with no upfront investment. United Patent Research also assists inventors in finding companies to purchase their patented idea in a lump sum agreement.

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