Where do I begin? No, that's not the question. Where do I wish to end up? Well now, yes, that is indeed the question. Let me see.This page sits blank and empty and, no, I can't say for sure where it is my story will start. For all the thoughts that clutter my mind every day, I cannot now pluck from the multitude one to speak of. I can see where I wish to go, however. I can see the page full of witty writings, peppered with beats of humour and notes of solemn gravity; some prolific piece of penmanship that will leave you, my reader, questioning the very fabric of existence, or perhaps just your questionable choice in outfit today. Wherever my story leads I have no doubt of the outcome, for there can be only one.

To put it plainly, ultimately I would like to be able to call myself a writer. Not in any grand sense of fame and fortune, but rather just your run of the mill writer. A storyteller, if you will. For that is what interests me most, the ability to craft and create a piece of prose that enraptures and delights the person who cares to pick it up. So, when I speak of my story and where it may lead me, I am, in fact, not simply referring to the story of my own life. Rather, I am possessed with the desire to tell all my stories, the ones that reside in this dashingly average head of mine.

The time has come to pull the proverbial finger and start making the dream a reality.

And so, I invite you as my reader to join me on this journey, this foray into many different worlds. There are any number of tales in my mind that I wish to share, so I shall use this platform to workshop these ideas and share with you pieces of my writing, ideas, notes, artwork and anything else from these stories. I may not know where to start, but I am going to try me best to figure it out. This shall be my repository for the madness in my head and I encourage you to dive right in along with me.

- Mac

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