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Vin DiCarlo Inc. helps men of all ages build their self-confidence so they can have success with beautiful women. In an effort to do this, Vin DiCarlo Inc. offers a range of products to empower men and help them take control of their lives. In the 10 years since the company started, Vin DiCarlo Inc.’s proven techniques and products have helped over half a million men across the world.

The most popular of Vin DiCarlo Inc.’s products is called Pandora’s Box. According to recent scientific studies, most women fall into one of eight different personality types. That being said, Pandora’s Box arms men with a structured approach for seducing a woman based on her personality type, and also shows them how to spark the interest of a beautiful woman in five minutes or less. Because of the high success rate of Pandora’s Box, thousands more men use it compared to similar products offered by Vin DiCarlo Inc.’s competitors.

In addition to Pandora’s Box, Vin DiCarlo Inc. also offers a range of similar, confidence-boosting products, like No Flakes, which shows men how to ensure that a woman never ignores a call or a text message, and Relationship Rewind, which gives men useful advice on how to “rewind” their relationships and win back their former girlfriends. Information on the other products Vin DiCarlo Inc. offers is available at

Vin DiCarlo Inc. also feels it is important to give back to the community. For this reason, the company has donated money to the Wounded Warrior Project, as well as Animo Leadership Charter High School in Inglewood, California. 

Foods to Avoid on a First Date

A leader in helping men boost their self-confidence and communicate naturally with women, Vin DiCarlo Inc. reaches audiences through Pandora’s Box, a relationship-engineering system that has been used extensively by men in recent years. Vin DiCarlo Inc. also offers numerous articles about love and dating, including a recent article on foods to avoid on a first date.

To avoid making a bad impression on a first date, the website recommends that men consider carefully what foods they order. Below are a few foods to avoid when dining with someone for the first time:

-Soup. Despite the temptation to order soup, men should avoid soup to prevent slurping sounds or embarrassing drips on their chin or shirt.

-Garlic. Although garlic is flavorful, it tends to produce bad breath, which kills the romantic mood at the end of a first date.

-Sushi. While sushi might seem like a safe, healthy dish to order, it can fall apart, making for an awkward first encounter.

Does Age Matter In A Relationship?

I receive many letters from older men who ask, “Does age matter in a relationship?” My answer will always remain the same: Unfortunately, it may in some cases. But, most of the time, it shouldn’t.

There are a couple of things that I normally tell guys that really help them remain attractive to women and get even better results than when they were younger. I’m going to share a couple of those with you so that you can get out there and enjoy the company of women from all different age groups.

First impressions count…

First of all, if you’re an older guy, age doesn’t matter when it comes to your appearance. Start thinking about how you can change your appearance to look a bit younger. Perhaps consider updating your style to one that makes you feel more youthful but still keeps a distinguished element about you.

If you look at guys like Robert Downey Jr. and George Clooney, who are both pushing towards middle age, they look extremely stylish without trying to look 20 or 30 years younger. Find someone your own age that’s maybe a bit of a style icon that you really look up to and start modifying your fashion so that you can make a stronger first impression.

There are a lot of actors who have aged just like the rest of us. Men, for some reason, just get better with age. What woman wouldn’t want a chance at a date with Sean Connery? Don’t look at it as a hindrance, look at it as a gain. Age is perceived differently now than it was 20 years ago, so take advantage of it.

Research men’s magazines and find a look that appeals to you…

I always advise getting a subscription to GQ Magazine and even searching through some great fashion blogs to find out what style and look would suit you.

A great fashion blog that I really recommend is LOOKBOOK, which features people from all different ages from all over the world. This will give you some great ideas on how to dress and what styles could really work and transform your first impressions with any woman.

How you look is more important than your age…

We are in the era of aging boomers, so there are more of the older generation out in the dating world than ever before. You want to keep yourself healthy and active. When we’re older, many of us tend to let ourselves go. We rationalize this by saying we’re too busy and have more responsibilities in life, so we don’t have the time to stay in shape. Don’t get caught in this trap.

As you age, your metabolism slows down. You really need to make time for health and fitness routines and making changes in your diet. Get out there and keep active. The more you do this, the more youthful you’re going to feel.

Start investing in some good skin care products and maybe visit a dermatologist to help preserve your appearance and look younger and fresher. Once you feel better about yourself, you’ll have the self-confidence to plow on through life.

Learn that rejection is not the end of life…

You’re going to have to develop a thicker skin. If you’re going to go out there and approach younger women, it gets harder the older that you get. That is just the reality of the situation, so accept it now. You’re going to experience being turned down from time to time, so you’re going to have to learn how to deal with rejection. Learn to laugh it off, learn to let resistance and rejection bounce off you, and keep on keeping on.

The more persistent you become, the hotter and tougher you’re going to be, and the more success you will have. You also want to be more intelligent about the way you go about meeting women.

You don’t want to be going to nightclubs and bars where there are a greater proportion of young women. You’ll never get the chance to display your more intellectual side to a woman. The competition in these places is just too great to overcome.

Discover other ways to date…

Think of other opportunities to meet women, such as online dating, speed dating, meeting women in the day time out and about, in public transport, or at coffee shops. Even joining a dating agency will increase your chances of meeting more women. I also recommend going to some other countries around the world.

There are some countries like Colombia and Eastern Europe where older and more distinguished men are seen as very attractive by younger women. This could really help you meet a life partner or even just boost your self-esteem a bit. It also gives you the chance to see the world and enjoy yourself. After all, you have earned that right.

Does age matter in dating? In this day and age, it shouldn’t. Age is a state of mind, and as long as you remain young at heart, your outward appearance will emulate the same. Just remember, there are a lot of women who are into older, more distinguished men. Be one of those guys and get out there and grab you one.

Vin DiCarlo Inc. is based on the principles of Pandora’s Box, a collection of dating advice available on the company’s home page. Vin DiCarlo Inc. is focused on giving men advice on how to attract women and create relationships with them.

Romantic relationships are often amazing in the beginning, but eventually they may start to fizzle out after a while. Here are some tips on how to make love last according to author and psychology researcher Dr. Aaron Beck.

1. Stop trying to read other people’s minds.

People have their own biased opinions and methods of decoding other people’s behaviors. This is when problems start to arise. The best solution is to directly ask the other person about one's worries about the relationship.

2. Reframe perspectives and manage expectations.

People easily misread signs and attitudes because of their own interpretations. This brings about many misunderstandings between couples, especially when one person’s needs aren’t being met. When a person's perception of an issue changes, expectations can be easily managed.

3. Communication is key.

Communicating needs and wants is the key to a harmonious relationship. Assuming anything and everything is the main cause of misunderstandings. Giving constructive feedback, choosing the right words, and paraphrasing the other person’s feelings and needs are great techniques that help couples accurately understand each other.

Key Terms in the Dating World

Founded in 2004, Vin DiCarlo Inc. offers advice on dating and relationships that is geared specifically towards men. Offering an array of products, including Pandora’s Box, Vin DiCarlo Inc. is committed to helping men understand and succeed in the dating arena.

Dating trends and the vocabulary used to describe them are constantly changing. In 2017, some of the most prevalent terms include “benching,” which entails keeping in contact with a potential date while continuing to search for someone more compatible; “breadcrumbing,” which happens when small, flirtatious actions are used to encourage someone else’s interest in you; and “zombie-ing,” which happens when an old flame suddenly reappears and seems to want to reestablish a relationship without addressing prior issues or events.

Another popular term is “ghosting,” which occurs when someone all but disappears, abruptly ceasing all contact after previously having made themselves easily available. Individuals who engage in this activity may show up later on social media, liking Facebook posts, for example, or otherwise exhibiting zombie-ing behavior.

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