Vista Equity Partners

Among the Top Performing Buyout Funds in the Nation

About Vista Equity Partners

Established in 2000, Vista Equity Partners invests in companies in the technology sector, seeking to “create and sustain value by enabling good businesses to achieve their full potential,” as the firm’s investment philosophy states. With each investment, the firm deploys over 50 best practices that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the software and tech industry. These practices are called the Vista Standard Operating Procedures, or Vista SOPs, which are specific operational improvements developed by the company's Vista Consulting Group (VCG) division.

In addition to consulting with select tech companies to foster sustainability and add value, founder Robert F. Smith and his team always keep a long-term perspective in mind to help businesses achieve lasting success. This approach has proven effective over the years, as Vista Equity Partners has yet to lose money on any of its more than 60 control-stake transactions since opening in 2000.

Robert F. Smith, currently Vista’s Chairman and CEO, founded the firm after serving as the Co-Head of the Enterprise Systems and Storage sector for the investment banking division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. Bringing a broad range of expertise and valuable skill sets to the table, Smith continues to establish the company’s reputation as a leading private equity firm.

Vista Equity Partners Among Fastest Growing Financial Firms

According to an article released by KPS Capital Partners, Vista Equity Partners recorded some of the highest financial returns in recent years. Following the financial bubble, the company stood at a total value of $185 million, which is among the top nationwide investment figures. Vista Chairman Robert F. Smith attributed the results to an “exceptional execution of transactions” and a “relentless” focus on improving company performance. With a goal of creating long-term professional relationships, Mr. Smith explained that success measured in years rather than man-hours.

Of its more than 60 transactions over a 12-year operating period, Vista has yet to lose money, and growth among its portfolios stands at 4.2x. In fact, their success has been so well documented, that partners have agreed to pay 30% of interest costs should the firm reach a 3x investment multiple. In an economy largely based on driving down costs and engaging in highly selective investing, Vista Equity Partners is an example of a firm’s ability to raise capital and build professional relationships through hard work.

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