Wanner Engineering

Family-owned-and-operated business

About Wanner Engineering

A family-owned-and-operated business dedicated to consistently providing client satisfaction across its diverse product base, Wanner Engineering, Inc., produces and markets pumps under brands including Hydra-cell, Stan-Cor, and Vector. These pumps, which are designed and built using innovative elements such as seal-less pumping chambers and/or multiple diaphragms, are engineered to handle problem fluids of various consistencies and makeups including liquid saltwater, soap solutions, hot fluids, waste water, reclaim water, agricultural solutions, paints, acids, and more. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Wanner Engineering commands a four-decade tradition of unmatched service in providing quality products to distributors and end users for a variety of high-endurance uses. In addition to its Minnesota, Hong Kong, and England branches, the company is considering pursuing opportunities to open new locations in China and Texas.

For the convenience of its diverse clientele, Wanner Engineering maintains an extensive website devoted to providing information and product descriptions to current and prospective users. For more, including product listing with accompanying photos as well as contact information, please visit www.wannereng.com.

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