war of color

gray can't fight the flaming red

this void,In the center of my heart,
overlooked by a pitch black sun commented by a gray sky
such a cold place.
not a soul has ever been able to pierce this void,
to bring warmth or color,
all people have ever done is make this void stronger,
until she came along.

she stood out,
a beautiful shade of blue,
not the normal gray,
i just could not resist.

we talked, the blue changed,
to purple,
to orange,
to an explosive flame of violent red, i gave in.

then started something new,
the red expanded,
emotions started flooding the void in my heart,
i loved it.

till one day the void fought back,
it exploded inside my chest pulling me back in,
i told her how i felt,
she said it.

i was shocked,
i said it back, and with that the color came.

by: Raven Strefling