A simple new format that allows anyone to instantly
create and share their content on the web.

No software or login is required. No design skill needed. No community to join. Just visit the Tackk home page and start typing. When you’re done creating your Tackk, you can immediately share it with friends in your social networks or the internet at large. It’s no more complicated than tacking a flier to the coffee shop bulletin board.

Our Mission

At Tackk it is our mission to empower everyone with the ability to instantly create and share
their content on the web.

Why Tackk?

Tackk fills a content creation gap that exists between small & spontaneous messages like Twitter, Facebook or Instragram, and larger, more complex content commitments like WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger.

Tackking isn’t just about pinning or posting pictures; and it doesn’t limit you to 140 characters or demand weekly updates. A Tackk can be as long or as short as you like; it can last for days or forever; and it can be shared privately or publicly. It is designed to work exactly how you need it to, because it’s designed by you.

To learn more about Tackk, create a Tackk of your own or checkout what others are Tackking about on our Tackkboard.

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