Inspirie Yourself to Read

"Where the Lilies Bloom"

If you read this book, it will interest you to read more.

Roy Luther has told Mary Call to keep a promise by not telling anyone when he dies and she has to be like the father of everyone when he passes away.

Roy Luther gets buried on a mountain side in an unmarked grave and then they keep people from finding out he is dead.

Kiser, their landlord was sick with pneumonia and Mary Call and her brother Romey and Kiser agrees to sign the land back to the Luther family.

Romey, Mary Call, Devola, and Ima Dean

Mary Call is the second oldest sibling in the family and she has to take care of four other brothers and sisters, since their father has died.

Roy Luther always wanted to get buried by his own family on a mountain side and not by the funeral because it would be a memory for him.

Take in a mountain view and read where the lilies bloom.

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