The White Tiger

The White Tigers are endangered animals.


The White Tigers have white fur and black stripes. They have blue crossed eyes and are mammals. Males are about 2.4 and 3.1 metres and females are about 2.1 and 2.6 metres.


They roam in South-East Asia and India. They need thirty-two square kilometres to survive in the wild.


Their shelter is under trees in the rainforest, with lots of animals to feed on.

Biological Relationships

The White Tiger's are an apex predator, except for us killing them. They are predator and hunt a lot of animals.

Life Cycle

First, they are a new born tigers, then they grow to cubs, and after adult tigers.

Food Chain

The White Tiger's food chain is from the Sun, to plants, to mice and then to them.


Their biomes are Rainforest and Tundra.

Interesting Facts

  • The White Tigers life is shorter then other tigers.
  • Sadly, people are selling parts of it the The Black Market.


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