William Barzee

Managing Partner At Barzee Flores, Law

About William Barzee

William Barzee, managing partner of the Florida law firm Barzee Flores, has devoted his career to protecting the rights of those in need. After graduating with honors from the University of Miami School of Law, he declined more lucrative job offers to join the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office. Later in his career, William Barzee was recruited to work in the office of the Federal Public Defender for the Southern District of Florida, continuing to provide legal help to those who need it most.

His passion for protecting the rights of the underprivileged developed long before he began his career in law. A skilled communicator, he served as a student leader during his years as an undergraduate at the University of Miami. As President of Student Government, William Barzee directed campus public service efforts toward the poorest areas of Miami.

William Barzee’s leadership experience helped set in motion his successful career in the public sector, which he followed by founding Barzee Flores, a private firm whose lawyers focus on assertive representation of defendants in both federal and state cases. The firm has developed a national reputation as a leading criminal defense firm.

William Barzee’s commitment to the service of individual rights extends beyond his work as an attorney. In addition to providing uncompromising legal assistance, Barzee Flores contributes to charitable organizations such as the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation and Anti-Defamation League. Mr. Barzee also volunteers his spare time as a mentor in Miami’s Big Brothers program.

Mr. Barzee’s academic and professional achievements also reflect his affinity for leadership and defense of those in need. Inducted into the Law Review after his first year of law school, he went on to present a paper on the legal rights of children at the Law Review Symposium. He earned the title of Law Review Mock Trial Champion in addition to a nomination for the Law Review Book Award.

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