How to avoid Xanax addiction

Those, who have faced even once at their lives with depression and anxiety, know what Xanax is and that it is really effective and well tolerated medication. But not all people are aware about possible addiction of Xanax. In order to make it clear whether Xanax is dangerous or not, you should know everything about this medication, as well as your body and how it reacts of drugs.

The active ingredient of Xanax is Alprazolam - triazolo-benzodiazepine derivative. From 80th this medication has been used successfully for reducing anxiety, fear and stress. Most often people buy Xanax for treatment of neurotic and reactive depression and depression that developed against the background of systemic diseases.
Xanax possesses antidepressant, central muscle relaxant and sleeping effects.
It is already known that Alprazolam forms psychological and physiological dependence. Even those who use it for medical purpose may notice addiction, especially with prolonged use. The delay in the use of Xanax can be very dangerous, especially if the patient has consumed four or more grams daily for six months or more. Very rarely, sudden cancelation of the drug therapy causes spasms of the body and seizures, and even more rarely death. Most experts strongly recommend stopping of Xanax treatment gradually.
In order not to become a victim of Xanax addiction you just need to follow your prescribed dose, trying not to deviate from the schedule, miss or overdose. Xanax dose is picked up individually by the doctor. Commonly, this medication is taken orally. In the states of anxiety, doctors prescribe 250-500mg three times a day. The average maintenance dose - 500mg daily in divided doses. For depression treatment - 500mg 3 times a day.

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