Yukon Student Citizenship
Charter Of Rights & Responsibilities



  • I won't put myself down. What I put online, what I say, and what I do will reflect what I want others to know and believe about me and about the person I am aiming to be. I will not be brought down to the level of the low and obscene - I will aim high and BE successful. I will work hard and make healthy choices because I OWN my future and my success. I deserve respect and will demand nothing less from others and from myself. I know that respect is not the same as fear or intimidation. I take pride in earning respect beyond the basic consideration due all living beings, and in earning my power, my own money and in achieving excellence.


  • I will respect others. I believe they are doing the best they can, and I can't know everything they are going through. I won't bully, harass or do harm, in person, with my words, or using any other means, including online. I will respect the work and property of others - they have worked hard to create it and deserve credit. I will not steal - it is beneath me, because I can create or earn what I need and want. I will not support groups, websites, or organizations that are racist, degrading to any group of individuals or promote infringing on the rights of others. All people deserve respect, even if I do not like them, or agree with them.

The World Around Me

  • I will make choices that protect the environment whenever I can. I will make choices to support organizations and producers of goods that are ethical and who promote practices I agree with. I will use my money and power as a consumer to try and make the world a better place, in whatever ways I can. I will treat other peoples' property - including their ideas and art, media and digital information - with respect, because I understand that everything around me has been created, built, and/or paid for by and for someone, and if that someone wasn't me, I have no right to do it damage, or use it to do harm. I understand that each of my behaviours and choices have an impact on the people and world around me, and I choose to make those choices count towards making the world better a more positive place to live in. Whenever I can, I will encourage and challenge others to do the same.



  • I will not post or share via digital media personal details or images / videos and information that could put me at risk of harm, or cost me opportunities, now or in the future. I will not engage in behaviours that will harm my body or my emotional well-being, including abusive relationships. If I am at risk of being harmed, or am being harmed, I will seek help, because I understand that seeking help is a sign of strength and self-respect. I will protect the work I produce, not allowing others to take it from me and claim it, because my success is part of my power, and I can help my friends without letting anyone steal my power from me, or guilt me into giving away my power.


  • I will be a an Upstander not a Bystander - I will have the guts to stand up for the rights of others when I see them being abused, because I know that courage means doing the respectful thing even if you're afraid or it's hard. I will not share the personal information belonging to anyone else - I understand that this is in part theft and in part an assault on their sense of self. If I am aware that others are doing so, I will not only point out to them that it might be against the law, but that they are doing something they would resent, as I would. If I know someone is being harmed or harassed, bullied or abused, I will report it to an adult I know can take action.

The World Around Me

  • I will not use other peoples' property - including their ideas, their art, media and digital information - without first getting permission. I will purchase my music, my books and my films because I understand that artists deserve to be paid for their skills and work. I will not steal, or damage, other peoples' property - of any kind, for any reason. I am skilled and capable - I can create or earn the things I need and don't need to lower my standards to harm others to get things or make myself feel better about life. I will act with integrity, and encourage and challenge others in my life to do the same. When faced with a choice about how to use my power and influence, I will do my best to protect those who may not be able to protect themselves, however I can, and to the best of my ability, but most of all, I will protect by choosing to do no intentional harm - in person, online, with my words or through my actions.

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